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Just got Tagged..so here goes! April 23, 2006

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5 people who top your shit list….. and why:

  1. The American People: who being such fools as to choose George Bush as their president, well even that is debatable, and George Bush for what he did to Afghanistan, Iraq and now most probably Iran. What a nincompoop!!
  2. Varna: for tagging me, and making me think so much!
  3. Prof. K K Chaudhary: reasons private
  4. Mayank Jha: for all the shit he pulled while in IIT, and has the potential to pull even in the 24 hours I am forced to meet him!!
  5. Shiv of Citigroup: for being the asshole in the last interview, and that Rahul chap for making fun of me in the same interview..jerks both of them!

Close brushes with death/danger:

  1. Happen often in Delhi at the speed I drive..among the latest was on the morning where I was returning from Kriti's place after an amazing party! The car in front of me got taken out by a road divider..and i'd been trying to overtake him for a kilometre or so!
  2. Driving from Dehradun to Mussorie..the road was too curvy for a city-driver like me! I think I stopped an inch from the edge!!
  3. Infrequent, but they happen, lows in life where I resort to driving fast as a means to recuperate and take my mind of things!

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

Interesting question…basically i wish to die instantly, not something painful!

  1. Free Falling from a Airplane or something…
  2. Shot through the temple..
  3. Driving off a mountain or something
  4. Die Drinking…
  5. Walk into a river, like Virginia Woolf

5 Guilty pleasures:

  1. Chivas
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Pizza, the pure italian variety!
  4. Gulab Jamun
  5. Movies, old and new, when I ought to be studying and I know it!

5 things you never want to forget:

  1. Paromita, and all the time we spent together
  2. The time I first saw my JEE result in the Hindustan Times..
  3. The time I checked my result for IIM Bangalore
  4. The time as part of 11B and 12B, Bhagat, the guys, the Jain bhandhu, the fights, the patties..
  5. The guys in IIT, and now in IIM..to name a few…Bangali, Bansal, Bomb, Kalra, Swara, Dasa, Merani, Master, Rus, Nidhi, Mera Maddu, Shekh, Nagi, Aunty, Guptaji, Dalal Sahab, Parashar, Tuhin..

5 things you wish to forget:

  1. The day we broke up
  2. The unfortunate incidents that happened at the end of my time at IIT
  3. Losing to Sodhi in Squash 🙂
  4. Seeing my QM 1 end term paper 😦
  5. The day we lost the elections, and the ensuing shit which happened!

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

yaar mein jaini aadni..meri zindagi mein exotic khaana kahan!!
5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order

  1. Hot Neighbour
  2. Hot girl from CJM who travelled in the NOIDA bus
  3. Paromita
  4. Close friend of a close friend(either of them will understand, and it's not for public consumption)
  5. Close friend(again not for public consumption)

Strangest dream you ever had:

Chinese Water Torture: I am tied to a post, and there is a tap dripping onto a metal surface slowly. It's just out of reach of my foot, and I can't shut it, not matter what. I end up waking with a headache.

5 most valued personal possessions:

  1. The stuff only I know, and which will die with me
  2. My family
  3. The feeling of contentment I have after a good meal, and which i try to replicate whenever I can without the food
  4. My relations with my friends
  5. My degrees, both IIT and IIM

5 favorite superheroes….. and why:

  1. Batman: ordinary human fighting evil, agreed he's got the cash and the cool car!
  2. India's Revolutionarys<ies>
  3. Nelson Mandela
  4. Entrepreneurs, Indian or otherwise.
  5. Master..ohh yes he's a superhero!!

Tagging Chetan, Rustagi and Prerna…Mwahahahaha



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Dude, what’s this tagging thing?

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